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Samuel Williams Fores (1761-1838)

"Publisher, playing-card maker, printseller and stationer in business for 200 years from 1783. This entry is used for all variations of the firm’s name.

S.W.Fores was son of a cloth mechant. Founded his business as a printseller in 1783, specialising in caricatures.

After S W Fores’s death in 1838 the business was continued as Messrs Fores by his sons, George Thomas Fores (1806-58) and Arthur Blücher Fores (1814-83), who moved from satirical to sporting prints. It continued to be run by the descendants of George Thomas Fores until well into the 20th century. In the early 21st century the remaining stock was acquired by Stephen Ling of Brackley, Northamptonshire, who continues to reprint the plates (information from Simon Turner).

See Heal,17.53 for a bill-head from 3 Piccadilly dated 1793, and Crace X. 55.139, for a view of the shop at the corner of Sackville Street" (, 28.12.2013)

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Published Samuel Williams Fores (1761-1838)

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