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Charles Abraham Chasselat (1782-1843)

Charles Abraham Chasselat, a French historical painter, was the son of Pierre Chasselat. He was born in Paris in 1782, and became a pupil of his father and of Vincent. He exhibited in 1812 ’The Repose of Belisarius.’ He also illustrated the works of Voltaire, Racine, Molière, and other authors; and was employed in making drawings of state ceremonials, as the ’Funeral of Louis XVIII’ and the ’Coronation of Charles X.’ He died in Paris in 1843. His son Henri J. Saint-Ange Chasselat, who was a pupil of Lethière, painted historical and genre subjects. He was born in 1813, and died in 1880. - Wikipedia (en), 03.10.2017

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Created Charles Abraham Chasselat (1782-1843)
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