Johannes Scherbius (1769-1813)

"Johannes Scherbius (1 June 1769, Frankfurt am Main – 8 November 1813) was a German physician and botanist.

In 1790 he obtained his doctorate of medicine at Jena, later working as a physician in his hometown of Frankfurt. In Frankfurt, he was associated with the Senckenberg Institute.

With Philipp Gottfried Gaertner and Bernhard Meyer, he was co-author of "Oekonomisch-technische Flora der Wetterau" (Economic-technical flora of Wetterau), a three-volume work that was a source of scientific names for numerous plants." - ( 12.11.2019)

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Gärtner, Meyer, Scherbius, Flora der Wetterau, Band 1-3, 1799-1802
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